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Hit tables addon from Tekkub: idHitThat

I found a new addon released last week from Tekkub called idHitThat.

As can be seen in the picture below, it adds an icon in the bottom right corner of the character frame which appears when you press 'C'. If you click it it toggles through the different melee, ranged, spell, defense tables for targets three levels above you. Very useful! I'm hoping that a future version will write out what numerical rating is needed as well and not only percentages.


Icedragon said...

This just has Runycat written all over it.

Nice addon, I might pick it up when dual specs put me in feathers again!

Niniel said...

Oh but it's for melee dps and tanks as well.

Jacob said...

Unfortunately, tanks end up being more complicated, I'm not sure this addon would be good for me.

As a tank, I don't care about my crit chance.

However, I do care about dodge/parry reduction through expertise rating.

I'm interested both in my hit and expertise against raid bosses (+3 levels) and also sometimes against monsters that are only 2 levels above me.

Niniel said...

You get critical, hit, miss, dodge, parry, block and glancing percentages for attacking from in front with maxed weapon skill from the tank melee tables. That sounds useful doesn't it?

Niniel said...

He is using calls to the methods GetCombatRatingBonus and GetExpertisePercent so the numbers do take expertise into account.

Tekkub said...

Drive by comment!


*streaks away*

Niniel said...

Eek! haha!

Niniel said...

Love your addons! /wave

wow strategy fan said...

dude,this is sweet.