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Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.


Coin of Ancestry surplus?

Have you got any [Coin of Ancestry] left after buying everything you want from the Lunar Festival merchants?

Have you taken a good look at the [Festival Dumplings]? One coin gives you eight dumplings. 4% health and 3% mana regen along with your natural regen means that it scales extremely well. The only problem is the limited stack size, only 20. I could easily buy more than four hundred!


OneDruid said...

They also stack with Drink so the you can get very quick mana regen for those times when you have have only a few seconds of being out of combat between fights.

Kiryn said...

Yes, and I have a good 20 stacks of them in my bank -- and still never need to drink. Sigh. I still haven't even touched my halloween candy, since the drinks that drop from mobs are more than enough. Maybe I'll use them later, when they nerf mana regen.

Enmagi said...

Yeah I went into a heroic once and went "oh crap, I have no water whatsoever.. " but I didn't wanna hold up the group going and buying some. so I changed to my spirit trinket so I could pop the on use increase of spirit between pulls if needed or during innervates to make them just that much better.. yeah I never needed any water- I never used my trinket.
And my tank decided it'd be funny to chain pull the last 4 sets of pulls. and even with all that- no need. (and I mean we were dragging the mobs over to the next set of mobs)