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My Patchwerk healing stats

I pushed myself last night on Patchwerk 10 man to heal for as much as I possibly could. Dual-hotting two tanks with Wild Growth, Nourish and Swiftmend in between. The results? I'm no math expert but at least it looks impressive.

4252 HPS?

Living Seed pales a bit to Lifebloom.


Averna said...

Wow. Well done ^^ I love seeing stuff like this, it makes me happy that druid healers are still top of the heap.

(also, I just wanted to let you know that I added your website to my blogroll; I assume that that's fine but I figured I'd give you a heads up) =D

erumel said...

Hi there! Thank you!

Yes, currently we druids end up high on the meters. Both when it comes to tank healing like this fight or raid healing for example Sartharion with Wild Growth and Rejuvenation.

Of course it's fine, thanks for the blogroll add! :)

Enmagi said...

I've had difficulties tri-rolling my HoTs lately, think I'm just out of practice :-p

Keith said...

man, nice one. I'm nearly at 80 and can't wait to run new content. Looking forward to healing my first 10 mans. (Didn't run any in TBC)

erumel said...

Thanks! Good luck with your 10 mans! =)