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Rare guild rank on wowjutsu! Kel'thuzad and Malygos down.

Bit of a proud moment just now. For the first time my guild is currently ranked as a rare guild on wowjutsu. I was there to get heroic Sartharion and Kel'thuzad down this monday.

After having gotten them down we spent the rest of that night checking out heroic Malygos. We made it to phase 2 with all the magic bubbles and discs but then raid time was over. Yesterday I wasn't able to raid but it seems they got Malygos down without me last night. Big congratulations to the guild!

I'll try and get some screenshots up later!


Aertimus said...

QQ by the time I checked you were just out of rare range... But congratulations none the less! You are still ahead of me!

erumel said...

Yes, I noticed that it was shortlived. Well, we got Malygos as alliance third on our realm anyway, that will last =)