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My Birthday today!

Today the 19:th is my birthday! :)

We had a fun night in heroic Naxx tonight, cleared all of Spider wing, Plague wing, Military wing and we got Patchwerk and Grobbulus down in Abomination wing. I got quite a lot of loot tonight, both healing and offspec for Balance and Feral.

First I got this belt since no cloth healer wanted it, [Sash of the Parlor] and I thought "Yes! No more [Girdle of Zaetar]". Then I got this belt which is nicer because of the extra spirit: [Belt of Potent Chanting].

I got these nice pants as well!
[Distorted Limbs]

I got this insane feral staff!
[The Undeath Carrier]

I got this nice offhand for solo play as Moonkin!
[Surplus Limb]

All in all, not a bad start on a birthday. Now I'm off to sleep!


Eglador said...

Happy birthday!!!

erumel said...

Thank you! =)

Darraxus said...

Happy birthday. Gonna sip bacardi like its your birfday? Sorry, you can smack me for the 50 cent reference.

erumel said...

Hehe, wine was all that I was sipping that night. No smacking needed ;)