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Azjol-Nerub instances done

Today I completed the two instances in the Dragonblight. The fun thing about doing so is that I haven't read any strategy at all so before each boss I had no idea what to expect which made the fights a lot more fun!

Completed in just below 15 minutes. Ok, honestly we stormed this place, a bit over geared and with two level 80 from the guild, tank and healer.

Funny story, the first comment after we killed the first boss Krik'thir was "Was that a boss? Trash was 10 times harder". That's because there are actually three packs before the boss and we sort of pulled them all at the same time and survived anyway. That would make the trash seem harder wouldn't it? ;)

Krik'thir the Gatewatcher

He died very quickly, just nuked and used AoE on adds.


Killing adds healed the boss ([Leech Poison]) so we just used single target dps then nuked all adds after boss was dead. Might not be how you're supposed to do it.


A bit of a yawn fight for our gear level. We stood waiting between phases.

Ahn'kahet The Old Kingdom
This instance was a bit bigger.

Prince Taldaram

[Conjure Flame Sphere] hurt a bit otherwise not much trouble here.

Elder Nadox

This was a fun fight where you killed summoned elite adds.

Jedoga Shadowseeker

By far the best fight in the instance I think. Nuke boss then nuke add before it reaches the center or something bad happens I think...(no add ever reached it so I don't know what happens but they seemed really intent on doing so ;)

Herald Volazi

A very confusing fight where I didn't know what to do when all my party members started attacking me. I just healed myself and used some CC while waiting the phase out. Not sure how to handle it.

Also, my guild master achieved Realm First level 80 Gnome and Realm First level 80 Warlock. Congratulations Greenilocks! That's 3 Realm achievements in the guild so far.


Aertimus said...

Old Kingdom is my favorite instance so far. The first time my party started to attack me on that fight, I totally ran around healing myself, yelling at Yakra. But later runs I was able to get two or three down and I am still speced very deep resto.

Three server firsts!!! Thats awesome! You guys are going to hit the ground running in some amazing ways. We only have 1 level 80 right now.

Enmagi said...

My guild mate tells me that if he reaches the middle the boss gets a 200% bonus damage buff (wouldn't know, they don't reach the middle for us either)

As for the phase in and phase out boss.. that's my favorite boss in the game.. I just get everyone to come to me and hurricane.. they only have like 6k health maybe? so they die pretty easily. it's really cute though if you make it out before other ppl are done killing their party members you can see them trying to do so.. and I ALWAYS see this random tree, and often have to kill myself cuz I guess I cause them a lot of problems :-p

As for hadronox, you can actually wait to pull him I think, after he's killed all his adds his health will go back to full and just fight him as usual, less the adds I think, but it's not like it's hard either way.

Another boss I found recently that I like is in Violet hold.. a friend of mine said it's similar to some older boss (I forget who) you can attack him but he's got his shield on so all your stuff does pathetic amounts of damage and then he bursts into these little pieces and you have to kill the pieces (this is how you actually do any damage do him) Rinse lather repeat. It was neat.

I found blizz did a lovely job on their instances. (which is good cuz where do you think resto druids lvl ;))

erumel said...

Hehe, Aertimus I would have wanted to hear what you were yelling ;)

Yes it's probably my favorite instance too so far. I haven't seen the other instances yet. I'll soon be level 74.

I like the instances a lot too but they are way too easy if you've got BC raid gear. I guess the 80 heroics will even things out again.

Enmagi said...

they are kinda fun the first time you do them, esp if you don't know what you're doing.. I remember when we did nexxus I was going my god.. really? ppl are suppose to be taking *this* much damage? and finally I read the tooltip and was like hey guys.. you need to move >.< I was trying to heal through them standing still and it was so hard to do..

and similiarly.. we thought the last boss of AK was like the one in SL and we were all standing there going man.. I'm MCed.. but i don't wanna kill anyone.. you guys are killing me! vent that very first run was so funny looking back..

but yeah.. once you know what you're suppose to do.. gah, they are cake. and actually I haven't run across an instance yet that's hard.

erumel said...

We have 7 level 80 in the guild now and they did the Oculus on heroic yesterday. It took them 4 hours and the one who died the most had 25 deaths so that looks promising =)

erumel said...

Hehe, that last boss really fun too. I was thinking why the hell are they trying to kill me? Don't they know better not to kill someone who is MC'd? :b