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8/9 BT in two days

Just a small status report here.

Naj'entus to RoS on thursday, RoS to Illidan on sunday.
That leaves us now with two full nights on Illidan this week. I'm hoping that we'll get him, if not tonight then tomorrow. We reach phase 3-4 most of the times so it's pretty close now I think.

When not trying to down Illidan I'm spending almost all of my game time on my mage. I've discovered how much fun a pure dps class is at 70. I got to 70 in Nagrand without having set foot in BEM, Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley. A result of finishing off Azeroth and entering Outlands as lvl 62.

I've already bought an epic flying mount, got to 375 tailoring and crafted 3/3 in the Spellfire set now. During the Midsummer holiday I got the scythe from Ahune and the Deathfrost enchant as well as the epic caster cloak. I've started the reputation grinds with Skettis and Shattered Sun and yesterday I started the Netherwing quests so I can get my second Netherwing mount. It's already quicker killing things in blue/epic pre-Kara gear as a fire mage than killing things in Hyjal/BT/badge dps-gear as a resto druid. Most things die from Fireball, Fireball, Scorch, Fire Blast before reaching me. It seems quite lucrative to grind as a mage.

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