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Illidari Counsil down, now meet Illidan!

So, after 5-6 hours in total and our second night trying the Illidari Counsil they fell. This is by far the best fight so far! There's so much movement involved and it's all very active and hectic. I was assigned to healing the MT on the paladin. I used all HoT's and even Swiftmend as often as possible. I tried using Regrowth on the poisoned targets and also did some healing on the priest tank. I might have won the fight for us by a timely combat ressing of a paladin healer over by the rogue when I had the chance. I'd say it had a huge effect on the outcome.

I can't really describe it in words now so wall of images about to hit!

Meet the counsil!

Going down!

Counsil down!

Group shot

Door to Illidan

Meeting Illidan!

On a completely other note, here is my fashionable resist set for Mother Shahraz by the way, stylish isn't it? It really pales in news value compared to meeting Illidan though, doesn't it?

That's a 4/5 8/9 week come to and end and I'm off to sleep!


Bell said...

Congratulations! That's quite awesome.

I hope to be seeing the council soon, too. ^^

erumel said...

Thank you! =)

I'm sure you will really soon, you got Mother down too as well and Council wasn't that hard.

Good luck!