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My dogtags for the Cowtip addon

I'm using an addon called Cowtip for my tooltips. It has this really nice option of using dogtags to show almost whatever information you like in your tooltips.

Here is a screenshot to show how it can look.

I've fiddled around with it a bit and thought I'd just share my dogtag configuration. There are two columns to use for Dogtags in Cowtip. Note that each expression is supposed to be on it's own row. If a row isn't ending with a ']' then that's just the formatting of Blogger messing it up.

It will show things like unit name in hostility color, raid marks and pvp icons. Unit level colored in difficulty towards your level. Elite/boss classification, race and class in class color. HP if unit is alive and mana/rage/energy level. Guild and guild rank, target of unit, talent tree and talent spec. Faction and zone, if a mob is tapped by you (your loot) or by others and finally range to unit. All this by just using mouse over.

Left column

[(SmartClass ? HostileColor) NameRealm] [PvP:Red]
[DifficultyColor("Level ") Level(unit="mouseover"):DifficultyColor] [Classification(unit="mouseover"):DifficultyColor] [SmartRace(unit="mouseover"):ClassColor]
[Status:StatusColor | FractionalHP(known=false, unit="mouseover"):HPColor]
[~Dead(unit="mouseover") ? FractionalMP(unit="mouseover"):PowerColor]

[Target:Exists ? ("-> " Target:Name)]

Right column

[PvPIcon(size=12, unit="mouseover")] [RaidIcon(size=0, unit="mouseover")]

[IsPlayer ? TalentTree:ClassColor] [[IsPlayer ? TalentSpec:Prepend("- "):ClassColor]]

[if (~IsPlayer) then if CanAttack(unit="mouseover") and IsTappedByMe(unit="mouseover") then "Lootable":Green elseif IsTapped(unit="mouseover") then "Tapped":HostileColor elseif ~CanAttack(unit="mouseover") then "" else "Untapped":White end end]



StaggerLee said...

Uhm hai!

And thanks, I was looking for a kind soul that had spent the time to make this addon bearable to look at.

Thank you.

Niniel said...

Wow, a comment on this post! :)
I've seen that it gets a lot of traffic but nobody ever says anything about it. Did you get it to work properly using this? I'm not sure if the syntax has changed since I wrote this. Cool if it still works though.