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Entering Black Temple!

Last night we got Rage Winterchill down on our first try!

That completed the Black Temple attunement quest for most of us.

We were missing some tanks and healers and we didn't have any fire resistance tank for trying Anetheron so instead we went to check out the Black Temple. Unfortunately one player died just before the Rage Winterchill fight started and he didn't release but that made him not complete his quest and another player released by mistake during the fight so we entered Black Temple with 23 players, missing our regular main tank and having only 5 healers. One of our holy paladins even had to respec to protection for the evening wearing a mix of blues and purples.

Entering Black Temple

Though missing tanks and healers and being understaffed that didn't stop us from saying hello to High Warlord Naj'entus. The initial trash seemed reasonable.

Unfortunately there was no use in trying to win that fight with our current raid setup so we went and cleared Gruul's Lair in about 30 minutes instead. Gruul went down in 4 minutes and 59 seconds and I didn't need a single mana potion. I think we are having a go at more Hyjal tonight.

I'm very happy about entering Black Temple before the attunement is removed, not that it really matters but it's a nice feeling. I guess I'll have the Hand of A'dal title to show for it.


Aertimus said...

Congrats yet again! I hear the first 2 bosses in MH and BT are easysauce compared to Kael'. Oh how I wish we would enter MH before the attunment is lifted! It must feel like a huge accomplishment!

Maerdred said...

Grats on being BT Attuned! We did this same thing a couple weeks back. It sure does feel great to get it done before they remove the attunement requirement doesn't it?

erumel said...

Thank you! It does feel like a huge accomplishment! :)