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Vashj is down!

We have now defeated Vashj on our third night trying her with a total of 12 hours worth of learning and trying.

This is mid fight, looking good.

Vashj is really going down! Some dps lost and mana is running out but I can feel it now.

Vashj is down, I can't believe it! Three nights trying and victory!

Healing in phase 1 is keeping HoT's on the MT and lifeblooms on raid as Tree of Life. In phase 2 I shift to caster for better mobility and heal my 2 assigned dps in my zone. You have to remove poison very quickly as it ticks for a lot of damage. Hold back on healing threat as Nagas and Striders spawn. I then throw the tainted cores from the top of the stairs to the person waiting at the generators. Phase 3 is like phase 1 but here you also have to move out of poison on the ground quickly.

Earlier in the day I defeated Omen in Moonglade as well. I can't really compare that to defeating Vashj though.

Now it's (only) Kael'thas that is standing between us and Tier 6!


Aertimus said...

Congrats to you and your guild! I'm sorry I didn't read this post sooner, I actually just got chills!

erumel said...

Thank you very much! :)