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Impressions of the Burning crusade

I got my hands on the Burning crusade on the 16:th of January and I have been playing it with mixed feelings ever since.

Initial impression
My initial feeling of Outland as I entered was that of disappointment. I felt excitement but I also had a rather negative feeling as everyone poured across Hellfire Peninsula anxious to get their hands on the new superior quest rewards. This resulted in a very unstable playing environment where respawns appeared all over the place. There were long lines of players competing for quest items and named mobs and a general hysteria for leveling to 70 as fast as possible.

Current impression
I had a much nicer experience as I entered Zangarmarsh which had a more calm atmosphere. By now I have also finished Terokkar and Nagrand and my impression of Outland is constantly improving. My druid is level 68 now and can be found soaring the skies of Nagrand in flight form. I've come to love the new druid spell Lifebloom as I find it fantastic when healing. I've respecced to a (0,30,31) build which lets me output more damage than I've ever done before having been resto of course with Ravage now critting up to 2400.

I appreciate how you seem to gain faction honor much faster and that good rewards are obtained more easily. An important thing in motivating challenges. I've noticed that a lot of my friends who are now level 70 seem very bored and don't know what to do. Probably because they can't yet get enough players together for the higher instances or raids. Most of them are running around on lower level alts and some of them consistently avoids Outland like the plague. I'm hoping they will turn around and enjoy the new content soon. It still feels like the fellowship that existed among us have not yet returned completely as we all are struggling with new spells, talents, quests and adventures. I guess everyone is trying to find their part and place in the new world.

Now this is me in Shattrath with my new weapon Staff of Beasts gotten from a Nagrand quest.

I really enjoy the new pvp objectives where I think the battle for Halaa is my favorite so far with the Hellfire towers close behind. This adds a completely new dimension to the game for me as I play on a pve server and have never really bothered with pvp before.

News from Azeroth: Feralheart
I wanted to finish the armor upgrade quest chain from Azeroth before moving beyond Hellfire so here are some pictures from that event:

We beat Valthalak in UBRS...

which of course Deliana was happy to reward me for. Full Feralheart thank you! :D

While celebrating we also got too rowdy so we happened to clean out the bar in BRD

Well that's it for me for now. It's soon weekend and Blade's Edge Mountains are waiting for me!

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