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I had a quick and very fun run through both sides of Stratholme yesterday.

Have the higher 5-man instances been nerfed in the latest patch? It seemed much easier than usual. I guess it could be that it was a good group and everyone had new powerful talent trees but I'm not sure. It really seemed a lot easier...We only had one accidental wipe on the live side when we opened a door with a patrol behind who aggroed some battle mage and not one of us was really expecting it.

Anyway I got some nice loot:

Idol of Brutality

Seal of Rivendare

Shadowcraft Pants
(I got these from the Baron as the only leather wearer who didn't have them)

I'm hoping to run Stratholme several more times with a group like that until everyone has gotten the pants from the Baron. We did complete the 45 minute run two weeks ago on our first try, that was really satisfying =)

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