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I bought a new car.

This is not my actual car but this is how it looks. Mine is silver though.

Mazda 3

I have most of my friends and family about one hour away by car so this is a huge social leap for me.
I haven't had a car since the beginning of college so it feels awesome to be able to drive around anywhere anytime again. Sure, I've got a motorbike but during the winter, that's not an option. You can't really bring much with you on the back either, that takes away all the fun of cutting corners at high speed.

I had a Mazda 323 for a couple of years and I liked it but it was from -87 so it wasn't that hot. Then it broke down and by that time I had started college and lived pretty close to the campus so there wasn't really any need for a car. After college I got a job in another town and moved there. I had the luck of getting an apartment in the central part of town with 15 minutes on foot to work so there was still no use for a car. Other than a momentary way back to a life that got left behind.

I am hoping this will let me visit those friends which I've lost contact with due to logistics.
It will also let me visit my sweetheart anytime and if that is not happiness, nothing is.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Google search, I've been trying to get Mark Wagner's to work for a few days but I had given up, then saw your blog!

Thanks a lot.

By the way, you're real cute!
and you're right, nothing is sweeter...


Johan Andersson said...

Hey, thanks! =)

No problem, glad to be able to help!