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Heroic Conclave of Wind down!

Well, it took a couple of weeks of work but here we go!

Updated with video! I'm the druid healing the paladin at the start! :)

A surprisingly clean kill as well with no deaths. Click is the sound of an attempt suddently gone right.


Iz Chan said...

nice music! what's the name of the soundtracks? loved it!
and good fight :D

Iz Chan said...

you make me miss WoW so much. :(

Niniel said...

Sorry I'm not sure what the music is, it's our MT that frapsed and edited the video.

Iz Chan said...

Hey, in a very random search I found it! It's called "Dragon Rider", and it's freaking awesome. Cheers :)

Niniel said...

Wow, thanks. That's an impressive search with no lyrics to help.

Iz Chan said...

Wanna know something more impressive? I found the first part of the song too: it's called Ricochet Love.
Search terms: Battle music.

If one can overdose on epic-ness, i'm nearly there. :D


Niniel said...

Haha, awesome!

Anything by Two Steps from Hell and Immediate Music is instant win.

Thanks for the info!